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This black & white educational film is about Standard Oil, its workers, and its improving products. It was circa the late 1930s or possibly 1940-41 as its pre-WW2.

Opening titles: Produced by the March of Time – titles are cut (:07-:12). A Standard Oil truck drives down a highway. Pulls into a service station that sells Standard Oil products. Oil pipe is attached. Oil refinery. A slow moving train goes by. Tractor in a field. A train goes by. Airline flies in the sky. A luxury cruise ship. Bus on a highway. Cars enter a gas station. Gas station clerk talks with customer. He opens gas cap and puts the gas nozzle into the car. Crown symbol at a gas station that serves Standard Oil products. Moody’s Industrial book, Standard Oil is featured inside of it. Employees head to work. Men open valves at the company. Stock certificates (:13-2:46). A dairy farmer at work, a schoolteacher sits on a porch petting a cat. A doctor on the move, an employee at Standard shows his stock certificate. Northwestern University exterior shot. Kansas City Fire and Marine Insurance Company sign on a building. Standard Oil Building in Chicago, IL. Board of Directors meeting. Dr. Robert E. Wilson, the Chairman of the Board and the CEO. Employee training. Standard employees. National Safety Council Award for safety is presented to a worker for being safe driver. Personnel and Safety Department. An employee talks about the sickness program to a new hire (2:47-5:22). Dr. William M. Burton. A refinery. Heart of America. Map of the USA – the middle of the country is featured. Farmlands of Iowa. Kansas and Colorado prairies. Head of cattle. Train cars move as workers dig ore in mines. A ship lowers some slides and ore/dirt starts sliding down them. Ships at sea. Mississippi River. Heartland of the USA. Men in a factory at work, putting cars together. Chicago skyline. Map of the USA shows Standard OIl and its subsidiaries along with tanker routes (5:23-9:11). Exploration crews seek oil deposits by digging and drilling. A dynamite charge is placed. Pipes are placed into a muddy puddle. A man readies explosives. The explosives are detonated. Men in the office study paperwork. The drill is set up to drill the new land and see if there will be lots of oil. Men work at this site. Oil drills are set and the men drill into the ground (9:12-12:07). Oil is pumped from the well. Men walk around, check storage tanks. Men turn valves for the pipes. A pumping station, men work and make sure the oil is moving at the designated speed. Two men discuss. A plane pilot flies above and looks down to survey the pipes and make sure all is well. A map shows the refineries. Standards plant in Whiting, IN. Men monitor the petroleum products. New Fluid Catalyst Unit. Workmen in the control room (12:08-15:07). Standard products are being made. Candles are made. Furnace oil is also being made. Pipes carry the product. Men work at the plant. Oil trucks get their oil placed into their trucks. A fleet of oil tankers. Oil tanker goes down a river. Top Salesman of Standard meets with his associates. Standard Oil Company in Indiana. Clerks at work (15:08-18:01). Salesmen discuss. Men look at a tractor. A man paves a road. Gas station service attendant. Sales Research Dept. on a door. Sales experts analyze facts, look at maps. Sales Manager reseller on a door. The resellers discuss. A family in a living room. A car pulls up to a service station (18:02-19:52). A man cuts his lawn. He talks with two neighbors. Kiwanis Club meeting. Cars parked. A truck goes down a road. Close on a truck driver in Kansas. The driver does reports at home with his wife, he’s also the local mayor. The man talks with people (19:53-22:00). Local canary. Standard lubricant cans. Oil truck delivers oil to a home. Gas station. A worker cleans a customers car window. A truck drives by a Standard Service billboard. Advertisements are discussed with the pr department. A football game in a huge stadium. A family listens to it on radio. Tractor care clinic. Local 4-H club. A county fair. A public demonstration for a tractor (22:01-24:44). Newspaper headlines about oil supply. Men discuss. Cars drive by. Research Standard Oil Building. Men do experiments. Scientists make gasoline from natural gas. Insecticides are created. Workers move around. Lubricant tests in the research department. Jet propulsion test. Jet flies through the air at high speeds. Men who work for Standard Oil. Standard Oil sign(24:45-28:55). End credits (28:56-28:58).

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit


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