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1988 Illinois Jacquet – "Texas Tenor" 1991, music-excerpt part-1 w. Arnett Cobb


music-excerpt from 90min., 1991 Illinois Jacquet Story “TEXAS TENOR” (dir. Arthur Elgort, here from TV w. German-speech, interviews by Ronit Avneri, available also on commercial VHS-tape )
part-1: 17:23 clips: w.his Big Band at Blue Note -88 prob. Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Buddy Tate, Arnett Cobb, Illinois Jacquet (ts) Wild Bill Davis (p) Bernard Upson (el-b) Frankie Dunlop (d): Blues From Louisiana / Floating Jazz Fest-88: Flying Home / Jumpin’ at the Woodside – to Savoy Ballroom dance scenes – take a look ón Arnett Cobb (ts) / Saxophone Spectacular-1988: Romantic Sound /
part-2: 12:37 clips Paris -90: Sunnyside Of The street (fragment) / South France-90: …balade …/ Boston Snader Theatre-1990: Flyin´ Home /
With: Illinois Jacquet profiled, with performance footage from New York in 1988 and from Europe in 1990,
other titles on the document: You left me all alone / Port of Rico / Bottoms up / Blues part 2 / Black velvet / Jumpin’ at the Woodside / Smooth sailing / Stompin’ at the Savoy / Body and soul / Misty / Straight away / Don’t blame me / I don’t stand a ghost of a chance with you / In a sentimental mood / Robin’s nest / Our bassist / April in Paris / Sophisticated lady /
Big band:- Kenneth Bolds, Hugh Brodie, Bob Cunningham, Arthur Daniels, Randy Eckert, David Glasser, Frank Gordon, John Gordon, John Grimes, Larry Ham, Matt Haviland, Dick Griffin, Jim Leff, Tom Olin, Pat O’Leary, Cecil Payne, Edward Preston, Bernard Purrdie, Joshua Roseman, Rudy Rutherford, Gray Sargent, John Simon, Irwin Stokes, Aubrey Tucker, Gray Vosbein, Richard Wyands ;
more details about the different sessions are highly welcomed !!!


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