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4th Stimulus Check Update: New checks and financial aid on offer in these states


Stimulus checks have been incredibly helpful for millions of people in the United States of America during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with these payments from federal government having now stopped, state governments are now responsible for providing their citizens with financial aid packages. Many people are left wondering what benefits are on offer where they live, as some states are offering a fourth stimulus check while other states have alternative options.

The financial support available in the USA goes beyond stimulus checks thanks to tax breaks, extended benefits programs, unemployment benefits increases, Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit and other creative initiatives in certain states.

Our comprehensive guide of all of the aid available in each of the United States’ 50 states will make life slightly easier, as you’ll be able to quickly see where stimulus checks are being prepared and how much money is being given out. We will also tell you how to qualify and apply for the payments.

Stimulus Checks Updates – Latest Stimulus news

A number of states have already sent out fourth stimulus checks, while others are preparing to bring in new legislation that will help Americans this December. With 2021 coming to an end, each state is already planning ahead for their future financial aid plans.

From Alabama to Wyoming, here is our comprehensive state-by-state guide of the stimulus checks and payments offered to citizens and where.

Alabama Stimulus

In the state of Alabama, the likelihood of another stimulus check is not high. The state government launched the ‘Altogether’ campaign, but this isn’t providing residents or business with much COVID-19 relief. Updates from the Alabama state government are scarce, with the latest news out of the state being that Gov. Kay Ivey has signed into law numerous bills that would pave the way for the state to start the construction of new prisons using federal aid money

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Alaska Stimulus

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy wants to transfer the additional revenues the state earned in November from increased oil production to the pockets revenues, saying “it’s entirely within our capacity to help residents manage their bills with a supplemental PFD of 1,236 dollars”. PFD stands for Permanent Fund Dividend and the state government is pushing for this, in order to help families. The state is also looking to help residents with their winter heating bills.

Arizona Stimulus

In Arizona, there’s bad news as there’s little sign of the state offering a new form of financial aid amid COVID-19, with Governor Doug Ducey set to use federal money to encourage people to find employment rather than paying people not to work. The state’s Back to Work Program is offering a one-off 1,000 dollar payment for unemployed persons who accept part-time work and 2,000 dollars to any unemployed person who takes on a full-time post.

Arkansas Stimulus

Arkansas has even gone to court in a legal battle against its own residents after ending federal unemployment benefits worth 300 dollars per week early. There were 26 states that ended this support early and Arkansas was one of them, suggesting this isn’t a state keen to give our money to its citizens. But, Arkansas is providing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) initiative, which offers support for low-income families when it comes to buying food.

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California Stimulus – Golden State Stimulus II

California is the state that has been the most helpful to its citizens so far, launching the Golden State Stimulus in two parts: Golden State Stimulus I and Golden State Stimulus II. The checks of Golden State Stimulus II were for between 600 dollars and 1,100 dollars and should have been received by October 31. But, some of those who filed taxes late or who were due to receive paper checks might instead receive their new stimulus check in December.

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Colorado Stimulus

Colorado still has a range of programs for those in need of financial assistance. As the state government put it, “Despite the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, the pandemic and its economic consequences continue to affect Colorado and we recognize that Coloradans still need human services”. On the state government website, there are links for people to apply for: cash assistance (TANF), child care assistance, employment assistance, energy assistance (LEAP) and food assistance (SNAP).

Connecticut Stimulus

Connecticut’s “Back to Work” plan involved the provision of a 1,000 dollar check to eligible applicants who got back into the workforce after eight weeks off of unemployment. This was announced by Governor Ned Lamont in September 2021 and still applies in December 2021.

Delaware Stimulus

Delawareans aren’t receiving stimulus checks this December, but the state has spent 50 million dollars of federal stimulus money on job training for unemployed people and students, deciding that getting people back to work is the best economic stimulus.

Florida Stimulus

In Florida, there was a fourth stimulus check, of a 1,000 dollar payment. But, this was just for certain employees, such as teachers and first responders. These one-time payments for workers in Florida were a thank you to those who stepped up during the pandemic.

Georgia Stimulus

Georgia is another state that has looked after educators. The plan was for full-time teachers and administrators to pocket 1,000 dollars and part-time teachers to take 500 dollars. Payments were also expected for pre-K educators.

Hawaii Stimulus

In Hawaii, lawmakers sought to offer 2,200 dollars to teachers, yet it was vetoed by Governor David Ige, as he said that lawmakers didn’t have the authority to instruct the Department of Education on how to utilise federal money. But, Ige has looked to help Hawaii residents through other payments and his island’s government will use federal funds to offset some everyday costs for Hawaiians, such as in education.

Idaho Stimulus

In Idaho, taxpayers received a one-time tax refund of 50 dollars. But, this was just a one-time payment and is already long forgotten by residents who had hoped for a larger payment. Idaho was also one of the first states to withdraw from the federal unemployment benefits, so it has been tough there.

Illinois Stimulus

In Illinois, there were never any plans for a state-level stimulus check. But, the state has been generous with several of the other benefits, such as unemployment benefits, child tax credit and earned income tax credit.

Indiana Stimulus

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb ended unemployment benefits early, doing so on June 19. That was well ahead of the September 6 end date that was written in the American Rescue Plan. Jobseekers in Indiana took action against the state and a legal battle broke out. After much toing and froing, the end result was that Indiana kept paying federal unemployment benefits to those eligible until the federal end date, reluctantly. But, this isn’t a state looking to provide much financial aid, if it can be avoided.

Iowa Stimulus

From the start, there were no plans in Iowa for a fourth stimulus check to be paid out at the state level. This was also one of the first states to pull out of the federal unemployment programs.

Kansas Stimulus

According to Internal Revenue Service records, the state of Kansas either refused, paid back or failed to cash over 17 million dollars in stimulus checks (12,921 checks). However, there is currently no new information on whether Kansas will be offering further stimulus checks.

Kentucky Stimulus

A rise in unemployment in Kentucky led to non-concrete talk of a new round of stimulus payments, but there is already good news in the state as a result of the cost-of-living adjustment of 5.9 percent next year, which is the largest increase since 1982. With 1,009,092 Kentucky residents receiving Social Security benefits at the last count, many Kentucky residents will receive a financial boost this way.

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Louisiana Stimulus

Louisiana has suffered not only from the coronavirus but also from Hurricane Ida. As such, there is financial support for those in Louisiana. The Red Cross has worked to get emergency financial assistance to residents whose homes were severely impacted by Hurricane Ida, while survivors may be eligible for a one-time payment per household of 500 dollars from the government, as well as support for temporary housing.

Maine Stimulus

Maine is one of the states not planning another round of stimulus payments before the end of 2021.

Maryland Stimulus

Maryland was one of the most generous states in terms of coronavirus relief payments, with no state or local taxes levied on unemployment benefits. The state also gave out a stimulus check between 300 dollars and 500 dollars for those who filed for earned income tax credit. Plus, some 700m dollars were set aside for farmworkers and meat packers.

Massachusetts Stimulus

It seems that Massachusetts does not have another stimulus payment coming, with much of the coronavirus relief money in recent months having gone towards areas such as housing.

Michigan Stimulus

In a bid to boost the locals’ economic situation in Michigan, the state sent 500 dollar hazard pay bonuses to their teachers. But, there was controversy as lawmakers also used the coronavirus relief funds to pay themselves these hazard pay bonuses, which they had to then return.

Minnesota Stimulus

It has just been reported in Minnesota that the state didn’t actually lose any tax money during the coronavirus pandemic. This means there is a huge surplus and state legislators are working out what to spend this one. Some are calling for infrastructure investment, while Minnesotans hope there could be another stimulus check.

Mississippi Stimulus

Mississippi was one of the first states where the unemployment benefits stimulus payments ended early and there are currently no plans for more stimulus checks to be paid out. The conversation right now is instead on how to spend the 1.8 billion dollars from the American Rescue Plan.

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Missouri Stimulus

Missouri residents haven’t had much financial support, compared to other states. This was even one of the first states to end the federal unemployment benefits program.

Montana Stimulus

In Montana, state officials decided early on not to provide more stimulus checks, instead using coronavirus funding for local infrastructure projects, including 86 water and sewer projects around the state.

Nebraska Stimulus

In November of 2021, Nebraska’s unemployment rate was just 2.2 percent. That’s the lowest of all states, so there is little pressure on state lawmakers to send out more stimulus checks.

Nevada Stimulus

Nevada received a lot of federal funds, but this isn’t going on a fourth stimulus check. But, the Child Tax Credit sees between 3,000 and 3,600 dollars per child handed to almost all working families in Nevada. Half of the credit is going out in monthly payments, which started going out in July and will continue until December 2021, while the remaining half will be given through 2021 tax refunds. The state of Nevada is doing very well in terms of its response from the COVID-19 pandemic, with the gaming industry in the state bringing in around a billion dollars a month, although they recognise that once stimulus checks are a thing of the past this may decrease.

New Hampshire Stimulus

An American family of three with no income in New Hampshire receives a grant worth 1,086 dollars per month. That is the main financial aid at this time.

New Jersey Stimulus

A fourth stimulus check is not expected in New Jersey, but residents could be entitled for 500 dollar tax rebates.

4th Stimulus Check Update: New checks and financial aid on offer in these states

New Mexico Stimulus

Stimulus check payments were due by the end of November in New Mexico, as the state was providing stimulus checks to more than 4,000 low-income residents. They could collect up to 750 dollars in financial support. People could still apply as recently as October, but now that deadline has passed.

New York Stimulus

New York has taken some alternative approaches to supporting residents through this difficult time. Governor Kathy Hochul has brought in a higher Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payment as of October, for example. In New York, there is also a 2.1 billion dollar fund for undocumented workers who were unable to claim financial aid via the federal stimulus. And, the state will distribute 100m dollars to workers in tourism-related jobs that have disappeared, starting from November.

North Carolina Stimulus

There is currently no new information out of North Carolina regarding stimulus payments and other forms of financial aid.

North Dakota Stimulus

In August 2021, the US Department of Education gave the green light to North Dakota to use its American Rescue Plan funds to support K-12 schools and students, with 101m dollars allocated to the state in this area. Some payments took time to come out, though, and some of those eligible are still waiting.

Ohio Stimulus

There are no plans for a fourth stimulus check in Ohio, although the state has organised a number of alternative initiatives to help residents and these can be found on the state’s website.

Oklahoma Stimulus

Oklahoma’s approach was to try to ease unemployment numbers, which is why the state offered a one-time payment of 1,200 dollars to those who got off unemployment benefits and back to work.

Oregon Stimulus

There have been no new updates since August on COVID-19 related relief funds for Oregon residents.

Pennsylvania Stimulus

Pennsylvania hasn’t offered residents new stimulus payments. Considering the state reportedly has 7bn dollars in unspent federal funds, this is causing some anger.

Rhode Island Stimulus

Workers in Rhode Island were hoping for a fourth stimulus check of 1,400 dollars for Social Security recipients. Despite online campaigns, it has not come to fruition.

South Carolina Stimulus

Through Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act, 8.8bn dollars was allocated to South Carolina. A lot of that money will go to education, but there is still some coronavirus relief money that hasn’t yet been allocated. “We’ve got a lot of money we can use and we’re in a great position to make some big steps, some transformative steps,” said Governor Henry McMaster.

South Dakota Stimulus

South Dakota was the only state that chose not to receive the federally funded 300 dollar weekly unemployment benefit, in the form of the Lost Wages Assistance, which was issued for up to six weeks starting in August.

Tennessee Stimulus

In Tennessee, there have been a fresh round of payments, but only to some workers. A bill was passed by the Tennessee state legislature to give teachers hazard pay to show appreciation to educators during the pandemic. Full-time teachers were to get 1,000 dollars and part-time teachers will 500 dollars. These checks are due to be received before the end of 2021, so these checks should arrive in December if they haven’t already.

Texas Stimulus

Nothing state-wide has been confirmed, but some school districts are increasing their teachers’ pay. For example, Fort Worth and Arlington will increase the pay of district employees by four percent. Denton and Mansfile will increase pay by two percent, while Denton employees will also be given a bonus of 500 dollars.

Utah Stimulus

In July, it was announced that Utah households received the most valuable stimulus checks in the third round of payments, with the average check worth 2,784 dollars. That, plus the fact that the state had the second-lowest unemployment rate in November 2021, of 2.9 percent, means no more stimulus checks are planned.

Vermont Stimulus

It might not be a normal stimulus check as we’ve come to know them, but there is money to be made in Vermont for those who relocate to the state. The new worker relocation grants will reimburse up to 7,500 dollars to those who moved to the state after July 1 of 2021, while this money will also be available for those who move to the state as remote workers as of February of 2022.

Virginia Stimulus

There are no state-wide plans for a new stimulus check, but one small town in Virginia is planning to give their residents some more money themselves.

Washington Stimulus

Despite calls for a fourth round of checks in Washington, the state has cooled talks of such a possibility.

West Virginia Stimulus

In West Virginia, there were thousands of stimulus checks that were left unclaimed. The state government pushed for people to check their eligibility and it is still possible to do so. Elsewhere, the state government is focusing on helping residents in serious need through emergency housing vouchers.

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Wisconsin Stimulus

Wisconsin brought in the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance (WERA) program earlier in 2021, while the state also has an Emergency Assistance program that could see in-need families given a one-off payment.

Wyoming Stimulus

The likelihood of another stimulus check is not high in Alabama. The state government launched the ‘Altogether’ campaign, but this isn’t providing residents or business with much COVID-19 relief. Updates from the Alabama state government are scarce, with the latest news out of the state being that Gov. Kay Ivey has signed numerous bills into law that would pave the way for the state to start the construction of new prisons using federal aid money.

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