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7 Facts about Illinois


In this video you can find seven little known facts about Illinois. Keep watching and subscribe, as more states will follow!

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1. Although today the state’s largest population center is around Chicago in the northern part of the state, the state’s European population grew first in the west, with French Canadians who settled along the Mississippi River, and gave the area the name, Illinois. After the American Revolutionary War established the United States, American settlers began arriving from Kentucky in the 1810s via the Ohio River, and the population grew from south to north. In 1818, Illinois achieved statehood.

2. Today Illinois is, or should be known for several inventions that are now part of our everyday life. The first automatic dishwasher was invented in Shelbyville. The wireless television remote was invented in Chicago! The world’s first fly swatter was invented and patented in Decatur! The ferris wheel was from Galesburg!

3. Springfield wasn’t always the capital of Illinois. First the capital was Kaskaskia and, in 1820, it relocated to Vandalia. Springfield became the capital after Abraham Lincoln and his political group called “The Long Nine” made it happen.

4. Chicago’s nickname, the Windy City, has nothing to do with meteorology. The epithet—from a New York City journalist—actually referred to the boastful, long-winded politicians campaigning for the World’s Columbian Exhibition of 1893. Before that, it may have been a phrase referring to the breezes off Lake Michigan, but it wasn’t popularly used.

5. Chicago’s low elevation and lack of a municipal sewer system led to serious flooding and disease outbreaks in the 19th century. To get out of the mud, engineers used hydraulic jacks to raise every city building up to six feet higher. Old, unwanted structures were put on rollers and moved to the suburbs.

6. It’s the start of Route 66. The historic highway begins in downtown Chicago before continuing across Illinois and down to Missouri on its way to California.

7. Metropolis, Illinois has been designated as “Superman’s Hometown.” There is a giant statue of the Man of Steel in Metropolis. The city is also home to a Superman museum and annual Superman Celebration.

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