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SelectPlusAp Top StoriesAp Top StoriesThe Associated PressHere’s the latest news for Wednesday, June 17, 2008: Flood evacuations in Illinois; Bush attends wake for newsman Tim Russert; Car bomb kills more than 50 in Baghdad; N.J. school puts halt to kids drinking energy drinks.[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE]This is A-P News Minute.A levee near Gulfport, Illinois, wasn’t able to hold back the rising water of the Mississippi river. Officials are urging residents to evacuate from waterlogged areas near the state line. They say there have been more than a half-dozen levee breaches in Illinois in the past week or so.=Iraqi police officials say at least 51 people were killed in a car bombing in a mainly Shiite section of Baghdad. Another 75 were wounded. Witnesses say the exploded car was parked near a two-story building with shops on the bottom floor and residential apartments on top.=President and Laura Bush went to a wake for Tim Russert. It was held at Albans School in Northwest Washington. The funeral for the 58-year-old host of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ is scheduled to take place tomorrow.=And one New Jersey high school principal is energized over the consequences of too much caffeine for students. He sent a letter home to parents reminding them that water was the only drink allowed … But manufacturers of energy drinks fired back … saying the drinks were never meant to be consumed by kids.___ ___, The Associated Press with AP News Minute. (****END****)


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