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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF July 4 – 1 0, 2022

The week is off to a social start, but get all the mingling out of your system on Monday, July 4th. One day later, action planet Mars leaves Aries and your people-centric third house and nestles into slow-jamming Taurus and your fourth house of home and grounding until August 20. You can now downshift, unplug and indulge in your fair share of domestic time. No need to invent excuses to RSVP “no” to parties you’re not remotely interested in. You owe no one any explanations for choosing to stay offline while you recharge your batteries. Knowing you, though, Aquarius, you’ll be missing your friends and will need to find SOME way of staying connected. So how about hosting them at your place? You’ll be eager to break out the serving plates and show off your BBQ skills (or your ability to find the best vegan takeout in town). Between now and August 20, prioritize a couple procrastinated household projects and commit to finishing them. Depending on how much free time—and physical energy—you have, you can reorganize closets, paint a wall in your entryway and maybe feng shui your bedroom. Note: Aggro Mars can drive up tension with family and roommates, so before resentment turns to out-and-out anger, either have a diplomatic conversation or vent to a neutral third party who can talk you down from the tree!

No matter how many frozen margs you’ve tipped back since Solstice, it’s hardly “too late” to kick off your summer fitness mission, Water Bearer! Also on Tuesday, July 5, systematic Mercury grapevines into Cancer and your sixth house of health and fitness, motivating you to integrate new habits and routines (and maybe new ingredients) into your lifestyle. The secret to success? Ramping up in a sane, measured way so you that can sustain this even after the messenger planet leaves on July 19. Your eclectic air sign may get a little bored by “regular” mat-based yoga classes, so how about trying aerial silks or trapeze? When it comes to diet, the most important thing is to never use that word! Getting more energy and feeling stronger and happier in your body should be the real goal. Experiment with “lower on the food chain” fare, like anything that naturally comes out of the ground dark and leafy or any of the colors of the rainbow. And if you pick up starts from the garden store, you may have a bountiful bed of salad greens to harvest before fall. Since the sixth house also rules organization, this a good time for any office maintenance you’ve been putting off, which includes clearing out your inbox and all those desktop icons!

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