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Are These the Most RACIST Places in America??


Are these the most racist places in America??

Racism. It’s pretty much what dominates everything right now. Sadly. Politics, education, crime, the job market, social media, cable news, the housing market, local economies, and more. And we thought it was something we put in the rear view mirror in the last century. Well clearly we did not.

We know what the definition of racism is – it’s prejudice or discrimination against people of different races. A racist person believes that his or her race is superior and that other races are inferior.

But how racist is America really? We may really never know – while most people won’t admit to being racist, lots of people are closeted racists – where they hold views they don’t necessarily express or at least express outside of their own homes. And that’s why polling isn’t the best way to measure racist views – people aren’t likely gonna admit to a stranger that they’re racist, come on now.

Researchers have determined the BEST way to measure racism is by looking at people’s anonymous behavior. There have been several recent studies which looked at how people might view others from a different race. Two particular studies have received the most media attention. One measured the use of racist language on social media and another analyzed racist breadcrumbs in people’s Google queries.

We’re going to use both of those studies and merge their results to make a very good assumption as to where the pockets of racism are the strongest in America today.

And while there clearly are a lot of racist people in the states we’re going to talk about, clearly MOST people in these states do not hold racist views.

So, using previous data from well respected researchers, we’re gonna go over the states that have shown a history of racial behavior and apply those to talking points that are relevant to today’s America. Let’s get started.

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