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Bishop Hill, IL – LuciaNights


Lucia Nights Celebration is a memorable holiday event. Driving the back roads to Bishop Hill, you enter the historic 19th Century village in a candlelit glow of luminary-lined sidewalks and candles in the windows of shops, museums, and homes. Lucia Nights is a Swedish tradition based on the legend of Saint Lucia, Queen of Light. During a famine in Sweden, on the longest and darkest night of the year, Lucia appeared wearing a long white robe and encircling her head was a crown of candles. Legend has it that Lucia appeared on a ship laden with food. When the ship was unloaded, both it and Lucia vanished. Girls today wake their families on December 13th, dressed in a white robe, wearing a crown of candles, and carrying a tray of Lucia buns.


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