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Costa Brazil Aroma Fragrance Review


Costa Brazil’s first foray into fragrance has the beauty industry abuzz. The sustainable beauty line, created by Francisco Costa and endlessly inspired by Brazil, has been beloved by beauty editors since its conception. Each Costa Brazil product keeps the earth in mind while nourishing your body. 

Aroma, the brand’s new fragrance, is intended to smell like the Amazon rainforest at dawn. It’s inspired by Breu resin, a resin extracted from the Almacega tree. In the Amazon, this resin is considered sacred by the Yawanawá tribe for its aromatherapy properties to lift your mood and provide mental clarity. In fragrance form, the resin is transformative—it’s invigorating, woodsy, sharp, and floral. 

This new scent has quickly taken the beauty world by storm, so we knew that we needed to try it for ourselves. Keep reading to find out Who What Wear’s beauty team’s thoughts on this sustainable fragrance, and if we would keep using it (spoiler: yes).

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