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Giorno's Theme (il vento d'oro) – JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind [Piano]


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I have always wanted to arrange music from JoJo and today is finally the day!
Giorno’s Theme (or: il vento d’roro) is probably one of the most recognizable JoJo Soundtrack within the Anime community and I challenged myself to create a piano arrangement, which can live up to its name.

The arrangement itself is basically a Piano Etude because the left hand is spamming syncopated octaves nonstop in 0:18, 1:28 and 2:20 and it is fairly challenging to master it. You need a lot of stamina and a good sense of rhythm in order to maintain the groovy bassline of this piano arrangement. Because without that groovy rhythm, the entire piece would sound flat on the piano.

Giorno’s Theme is also one of the Jazziest pieces I have ever arranged and it’s especially noticeable in the “instrumental solo” part in 1:28. Instead of copying exactly the original saxophone voice of the original song, I created my own piano solo part, to make the best use of all 88 keys on the piano.

The famous “piano solo” part in 3:08 also deserves some mention. This is the only time where I am playing legato in order to create an eerie atmosphere… before the enemy is being MUDA MUDA MUDA’d into oblivion (btw, this song is known in Japan
as the “execution theme” (処刑用BGM)

I hope you also liked the special video editing this week with the MUDA MUDA MUDA effects in 3:50! I realized that playing tremolo on the piano with both hands looks very similar to the famous Rush Attack in the JoJo series. Perfect timing I guess.

Last but not least, the STAND stats infographic at the end of the video in 4:00 deserves some explanation as well. They are basically describing the various parameters of this piano arrangement:

How much the music can excite the audience. Giorno’s theme has a meme status already, therefore A.
Self explanatory. This is not the fastest piece, but it’s still moderately fast.
A simplified term for the complexity of the piece. The more three-hand technique or polyrhythm, the more complex it becomes.
How much stamina you need to play this piece. The Octave Spamming is challenging, but I have played worse, so this is still B.
How many years of experience you need in order to play this piece. Maintaining the rhythm in the left hand is very difficult here.
Self explanatory. This Song has a very complex rhythm, especially the Solo part in 1:28 is mind-bogglingly difficult.

Well then, that’s it for this week’s “Animenz Explains”!
I hope you enjoyed the first part of my JoJo’s Bizarre Piano Project! My next JoJo Piano Arrangement will be uploaded, after the voting has ended! (see my YouTube Community post!)

Until next time!


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🎹Piano arrangement by Animenz

Original Song: il vento d’oro (Giorno’s Theme)
Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind
Published by: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (2018)
Composed by: Yugo Kanno
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