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Harley Quinn season 3 trailer catches us up on the ‘Eat Bang Kill’ tour


Look, Black Adam and a new Aquaman movie might be cool and all, but there’s only one take on the DC Universe that matters right now, and it’s Harley Quinn. After two long years away, the raunchy animated comedy is back and it is horny as hell, gayer than ever, and more than a little violent.

So what have Harley and Ivy been up to since we last saw them, riding off into the sunset together in the season 2 finale? Mostly, according to Harley, “a ton of banging” (and also a few non-banging related things you can read about in the comic book set immediately afterward).

The trailer for the new season hits hard and fast, continuing to affectionately lambast the entire DC Universe with its irreverence — like re-imagining the Court of Owls as an Eyes Wide Shut-style sex party or including a scene of Batman going down on Catwoman, which DC execs objected to, saying “heroes don’t do that.” (Liars.)

Looks like in Harley Quinn, they do!

Harley Quinn season 3 premieres on HBO Max on July 28.

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