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Highland Park prepares for downtown businesses to reopen on Monday


In Highland Park, the road to healing begins. 

One business owner said that they’ve gotten numerous messages from everyone in the community saying they’ll be here when downtown local shops reopen Monday. 

Still, unbearable pain lingers from reminders of the aftermath. Barricades and crime tape are now removed along Highland Park’s infamous 4th of July parade route. 

Many folks returned to the area on Sunday, holding hands or simply sitting and reflecting. A volunteer therapist was seen walking around sharing advice on working through trauma. 

A suspect, age 21, remains in custody after allegedly killing seven people and wounding many others with an assault rifle recovered from the scene. Along Central Ave now, “HP Strong” signs are scattered about, with some saying “It’s ok to not be ok after something like this and to not feel strong.”

Near St. Johns Ave., a pile of chairs, hats, water bottles were left behind. Comfort dogs are there as well along with growing memorials filled with hundreds of flowers and heartfelt messages to victims Nicholas, Jacqueline, Irina, Kevin, Stephen Kathryn & Eduardo. 

There were also many people seen hugging, something Jackson, age 8, says we need more of right now. 

“To people it means you think about them, and it’s just so kind, and you care about them,” Jackson said. 

Businesses downtown are scheduled to reopen Monday, 10am.

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