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Illinois Adventure #1706 "Illinois Railway Museum"


Illinois Adventure visits the Illinois Railway Museum. The award winning Illinois Railway Museum (IRM), open from April through October, celebrates railway preservation with electric cars, steam trains, diesel trains, trolley buses and motor buses operating throughout the grounds. This museum was the film location for all of the scenes on the train and at the railroad depot in A League of Their Own. The mission of the Illinois Railway Museum is to demonstrate the vital role railroads have played in the growth of the Chicago area as well as the United States through the preservation and operation of railroad and mass transit rolling stock and the display of related artifacts in a realistic setting. These exhibits provide an interactive, educational experience for visitors of all ages. It has always been a prime desire of the Museum and its membership to display our historic collections to the public-at-large. Throughout IRM’s existence, there has been a concerted outreach to the general public to gain recognition, acceptance and support.


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