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Illinois: Art In The Works – Trailer


She carves egg shells. He handcrafts cars. She turns vintage quilts into signature jewelry. He turns molten sand into towering glass sculptures. Throw in a blacksmith, a composer, a few painters, printers, sculptors and more, and you get a wide variety of artists with one important thing in common: they are all making their art work in and for Illinois…and beyond.

WTVP is celebrating the contributions of local artists to Illinois’ culture and economy with a new series of interstitial programming called Art In The Works. Each of the 14 short programs was shot in high definition by the WTVP Production team, and edited by Senior Producer Todd Pilon. The series premieres Thursday, September 20, on air at WTVP-HD 47.1 (check local cable and satellite listings). Programs vary in length from two to two-and-a-half minutes and can be seen in between regularly scheduled programming on WTVP-Public Television.


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