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Kaahkaahkia: The Kaskaskia People – The Illinois Confederacy – History & Affiliations


This is a video for: “The Kaskaskia People”.., who were part of the Illinois Confederacy. There are also other videos in this channel for more of the Illinois Confederacy Tribes, as well as for over 250 more North & South American Tribes & First Nations.


The Kaskaskia People are one of the Indigenous Peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands. They were one of about a dozen cognate tribes that made up the “Illiniwek Confederation”, also called the: “Illinois Confederation”. Their longstanding homeland was in the Great Lakes region.

At the time of first European contact, the tribes of this Confederacy held sway over the present area of southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois and along the west bank of the Mississippi River, as far south as the Des Moines River, in Iowa. By 1700, however, most of the tribes of the Confederacy resided in northern Illinois, predominately, on the Illinois River.


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Many Thanks & Much Respect To: The Kaskaskia People..;; EN.Wikipedia.Org..; ROBERT GASS & ON WINGS OF SONG..; JEFF McCLELLAN & BRIAN STONER..; THE KASKASKIA SINGERS..; RANDY GRANGER..; JINGLE DRESS..; ASPERUS.. and to all the other brothers and sisters who have contributed to this video, in any way.

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