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Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers


Create Inclusive Collaborative Learning Experiences For Your Hybrid Teams

As many organizations make the switch to remote and hybrid work models, adapting your L&D program to address emerging challenges has become even more vital. This eBook shines the spotlight on collaborative learning for remote workforces, featuring actionable steps to choose the right tech and build a supportive learning culture.

eBook Release: Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers

eBook Release

Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers

Learn how to empower both in-person and remote employees to contribute at equivalent levels by leveraging collaborative learning.

Is Collaborative Learning The Key To Unlocking Employees’ Potential?

Though collaboration is just one part of the L&D equation, it’s a crucial one if you want to promote individual growth and encourage effective teamwork. Collaborative learning gives your hybrid workforce the opportunity to tap into a broader knowledge base and deal with skills gaps on their own terms. For example, they can chat with coworkers to see how they’ve dealt with a similar on-the-job issue or ask for pointers to build their communication skills. This collaboration also allows them to see things from a fresh perspective and build a stronger team dynamic.

Another secret to collaborative learning’s success is personalization. It’s not feasible to create an online training program that covers every knowledge and skill gap. However, collaborative learning helps to make your L&D program agile and flexible, given that peers can support one another and supplement the structured training experience (without digging into your training budget). The key is to make it inclusive for everyone so that team members feel safe and respected in the collaborative learning environment.

About This eBook

How do you encourage remote collaboration? What’s the best tech for your team? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • Signs That Remote And Hybrid Employees Are Here To Stay
  • A Culture Shift In Learning
  • Leveraging Peer-To-Peer Collaboration
  • Collaboration In Real-time
  • Learning Technology That Is As Flexible As Your Team
  • Self-Directed Learning & Collaboration


Download the eBook Making Collaborative Learning More Inclusive For Hybrid Workers to learn how you can foster peer support and remote knowledge sharing among your geographically dispersed workforce.

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