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New Environmental Footprint for Agriculture in Illinois


Presented on February 11, 2010, by Richard Breckenridge – Agriculture and Rural Affairs Advisor from IL EPA

Abstract: New environmental policies and regulations for climate change are here. With these evolving climate change issues come change for agriculture. Some view this change as negative to the agricultural economy and others view this change as opportunity. A metamorphosis is occurring with policy and regulation within agriculture for a variety of reasons. First the effects of population on both Midwestern and global agriculture must be considered. Effects of human activity – such as depletion of resources, increaSing populations, cumulative impact on air, land and water – continue to be identified. With improved identification of these effects, legislative and regulatory responses to environmental concerns may be enhanced. Agriculture has a presence in the debate of climate change cause and effect. This presentation discusses opportunities and challenges that will characterize the new environmental footprint of agriculture in the years to come.

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