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NIU Marching Band fulfilling after thrilling win


The Northern Illinois University Marching Band celebrates another great Huskie win with the raucous and rollicking fifth quarter. The Huskies football fans are delirious after Rocky Lombardi flipped the script on the Bowling Green defense.
The Huskie quarterback has a well earned reputation for throwing the ball. However, the Huskie’s running game is what sealed the deal in this, 34-26, victory.
After the defense slammed the door on Bowling Green’s last-minute attempt for a comeback, the NIU Marching Band took the field for a comeback of their own.
As you may remember, the halftime show on October 2nd was shortened due to thunder and lightning. But on October 16, the band flashed back to the Sweet Home Chicago set to play the stolen composition.
A feisty Bowling Green attempted to subdue the Huskies, but the defense would not have it. The exciting resistance of the Huskies incited great joy in the home crowd. Did you notice how the band gets loud when the defense needs to fight hard for a stop? The Marching Huskies go wild to rally their team!

Wait..what??? Are these the same Huskies that oddsmakers were picking to fail? Is this the same team that the media said would finish in last place?? I guess no one told these players that they had no chance. Or maybe they just forgot to listen.



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