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Orion’s “All Charged Up” promotes robotics year round


Orion High School’s robotics team, All Charged Up, demonstrates the abilities of their robot, Steve 2.0, at Cambridge Public Library on Friday, April 15. From left, Maddie Greenwood watches Kaitlyn Greenwood, Eric Thorndyke and captain Colin Essary drive Steve 2.0 as he puts a green object on top of a tower.

All Charged Up!, the robotics team at Orion High School, doesn’t have an off season.

After competing at the state tournament in March, the team took its robot on the road. Steve 2.0 made appearances at area libraries in Orion and Cambridge, as well as at an Orion school board meeting where the members learned the name comes from “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”

The robot appeared in the Andover 185th + 1 Anniversary parade in 2020, and starred in a demonstration in Andover Lake Park following the parade. This summer Andover Days Past and Present had Steve 2.0 return for another demonstration.

Robots are backed by a team, which in 2021-22 included four girls and three boys — seniors Avery Monson, Mackinzie Washburn and Madison Greenwood, juniors Colin Essary and Eric Thorndyke and sophomores Micah Knox and Kaitlyn Greenwood.

Monson and Thorndyke were the team captains.

The team behind the team included coach Ray Parrish and assistant coach Tim Monson.

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