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Over 300 million affected by server flaw


PEORIA (Heart of Illinois ABC) – The popular online video game, Minecraft, fell victim to a cyber vulnerability that’s compromising data security for all it’s users.

President of Pearl Technology David Johnson said, “this is, if not the largest vulnerability in history, it’s certainly one of the top five.”

Millions of websites use Apache HTTP web servers.

Companies like Amazon and Apple are just a few of the 300 million customers that can be exploited from account hacks, to ransom ware, and crypto mining machines. The cyber security team at Pearl Technology in Peoria increased their workload to help government and local businesses with this breach.

“It’s a race right now, because all the hackers are trying to get inside those systems,” Johnson said. “All the people like us are trying to prevent that from happening.”

The tricky part is hackers won’t take your information right away. They’ll let themselves in, see what you have, and leave a way for them to come back in later when your guard is down.

“There are so many that probably have been exploited but they just aren’t aware of it. Now there’s no trace that that happened,” Johnson said.

Tech companies worked to fix these vulnerabilities but to help protect yourself you can change your passwords to longer, more difficult to detect phrases. If you feel you’ve been compromised by the vulnerability the FBI has released a statement on the steps to take

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