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Purple Building Near Chick-fil-A Joliet: What Business Is It?


JOLIET, IL — People around the Joliet area are often asking questions, and one of the key questions being asked this month on social media concerns a construction project right next door to the Joliet Chick-fil-A along Route 30.

The latest person to ask about the construction project was Kathryn, who made a Joliet Patch Neighbor Post this week, inquiring, “Can anyone tell me what they’re building next to the Chick-fil-A on Plainfield road by the mall?”

Before even noticing Kathyn’s question, Joliet Patch’s editor was already on the road, in search of answers Thursday.

Joliet Patch went to the construction site during the lunch hour — only to realize the Chick-fil-A parking lot next door was a madhouse, even though the restaurant will mark its two-year anniversary come January. Many of the lunch time customers were parking in front of the new purple building under construction and walking inside Chick-fil-A to get their food.

Unfortunately, there are no coming-soon signs along the busy stretch of Route 30 letting curious motorists and Chick-fil-A’s visitors know what’s being built.

The building’s exterior, for now anyway, is the color purple, and one thing Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers fans can agree is on that we hate the color purple because of the Minnesota Vikings.

Fortunately, this is not going to be a Minnesota Vikings sports memorabilia store.

On Friday morning, Matt Wilson, Joliet’s assistant economic development director, confirmed the rumor that Joliet Patch has been hearing for the past several days concerning 2707 Plainfield Road.

“It will be a Sherwin Williams,” Wilson remarked.

Wilson said the size of the new paint store will be about approximately 3,500 square feet.

According to Joliet’s building permits, Alrig USA Construction is erecting a 73-foot by 48-foot commercial building, and the construction project’s estimated cost is $650,000.

There is a Sherwin-Williams paint store in Joliet at 118 North Larkin Ave.

“Sherwin-Williams Commercial Paint Store of Joliet, IL supplies professional customers and contractors in business to business and industrial sectors with exceptional paint, coatings, and equipment,” its website proclaims.

Image via John Ferak/Patch
Image via John Ferak/Patch
Image via John Ferak/Patch

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