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Quick hits: Illinois news in brief for Tuesday, March 29, 2022 | Illinois


Police chiefs group asks for $759 million

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police has released a report detailing how much state funding is needed to implement mandated reforms.

The group put the number at $759 million, including over $200 million for tech upgrades they said will help better track down criminals.

Other needs include funding for mandated police cameras, training, and retention, as officials said more than half of Illinois police departments are now short-staffed.

Prison guards on trial 

Prosecutors say three Illinois prison guards brutalized a 65-year-old handcuffed inmate in prison four years ago, leading to the man’s death and prompting the officers to attempt a coverup.

Larry Earvin, whose death was ruled a homicide, died five weeks after the 2018 incident at Western Illinois Correctional Center in Mount Sterling.

Defense attorneys for two of the defendants argued Monday that their clients were not present at the location where the alleged incident occurred.   

University union workers approve strike 

An Illinois university is facing a strike.

The union representing building service workers at Illinois State University has voted overwhelmingly to authorize a walkout. Ninety-six percent of American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Local 1110 who voted were in favor of a strike.

The contract with ISU expired nine months ago.

Call to regulate 3-D printed guns

A group promoting more gun laws in Illinois is pushing for legislators to regulate homemade firearms they refer to as “ghost guns.”

The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee supports House Bill 5731, which they say would crack down on unregulated firearms by prohibiting guns being made with 3-D printers, among other regulations. The measure was filed Friday.

Inspector reports fraudulent child care program spending 

Nearly $40,000 of taxpayer funds were improperly given to two individuals through the Child Care Assistance Program.

The Office of the Executive Inspector General found the improper payments to Krystal Moreno and Roy Esteviz following a complaint in 2016.

After the matter was referred to the Illinois attorney general, the two were indicted on fraud and theft charges with each pleading guilty. They were ordered to pay restitution to the state.

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