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She Found The Golden Olive? / Took The Golden Girls Seashell Hunting


So its been a really long time since I’ve found a golden color olive and one of these ladies was lucky enough to go home with it (jealous). This trio from Illnois were my first group of ladies who booked a trip with me by watching my videos on this platform! They were a ton of fun to teach how to shell a different way.

If you find yourself in the Orange Beach or Gulf Shores area please reach out to me at the link below to go shell hunting. I provide guided trips in my area.

My full time job here on the Gulf Coast is a professional photographer. If you’re here on vacation or planning to be here, feel free to check out my work and book a session!

Are you an avid shell hunter enthusiast? I recommend joining the seashell facebook group below.

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Coastal Cryo is a sponsor of this channel! Check them out at the link below and when booking their services used code SANDMARCUS20 for 20% off their services.


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