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The Best Golf Courses In PGA Tour 2K23


Originally known as The Golf Club, the PGA Tour 2K series is the pinnacle of virtual golf. It features some of the most well-known professional golfers and the most beautiful courses on the tour.

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PGA Tour 2K23 delivers a Course Designer for you to create your own, but nothing quite beats sinking a putt on iconic real-life courses. There are nearly two dozen in the game that will make you feel like Tiger Woods, driving the ball down the fairway with hopes of winning championships.


10/10 TPC Southwind

Designed by Ron Prichard and located in Shelby County, Tennessee, TPC Southwind is the only private golf club in the state that’s part of the PGA Tour. It has a total of ten water hazards and 94 bunkers, making it one of the most challenging courses in the entire tour.

The course demands perfect club selection to navigate its numerous bodies of water along with its dogleg holes. You will need to be as accurate as can be to land the first shot before the holes angle off and drastically change.

9/10 East Lake Golf Club

East Lake Golf Club is where the PGA Tour Championship occurs. It has been replicated in great detail in PGA Tour 2K23. East Lake was established in 1904 on the site of an old amusement park, with a layout that makes it one of the easier PGA Tour courses.

The standout hole that can give you some trouble is the 15th at East Lake. It’s over 200 yards from the tee to the green, up a hill, with a lake in between. Missing the trajectory or not getting enough distance will dump the ball right in the water, taking your score down with it.

8/10 The Renaissance Club

The Renaissance Club is a new course in PGA Tour 2K23, but has an old-school feel to it. Residing in Scotland, the Renaissance Club is a wide-open links course with beautiful scenery. This includes a glistening ocean that runs along its outer perimeter.

There’s nothing particularly challenging about this course, and it doesn’t come with any special gimmicks. It is simply a modern golf course with a touch of the past that is incredible to lay your eyes upon.

7/10 TPC Louisiana

TPC Louisiana is known as one of the South’s best golf courses. It has been a focal point of the PGA Tour since it opened in 2004. It has a treacherous amount of water hazards and bunkers, but is combined with natural flourishing fairways.

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This course is home to one of the most popular features in the PGA Tour 2K series. An alligator is often seen emerging from one of the lakes, but don’t worry — it won’t swallow the golf ball or come after your in-game golfer. It is there to represent the location and the difficulty of the course.

6/10 TPC Deere Run

Silvis, Illinois is where TPC Deere Run has hosted the John Deere Classic since 1971. Trees, trees, and more trees line the holes of this course. It is known as one of the trickiest PGA Tour courses because of its natural landscape and the twists and turns incorporated by architect D.A. Welbring.

The Rock River runs along the property and is most prominently seen near the 16th hole. The green on this hole overlooks the river, providing an amazing view. It often distracts golfers from the tough journey down the fairway, filled with bunkers and smooth hills that send balls rolling backwards.

5/10 Riviera Country Club

The Riviera Country Club golf course is in Pacific Palisades, California, just outside of Los Angeles. It consistently ranks as one of the top 50 golf courses in the world, and has proven to be a challenging 18-hole course for the best golfers on the PGA Tour.

The course is packed with tough par four and par five holes that become even more difficult when the wind picks up. Another challenge is the Kiyuku grass planted on the course. It refuses to let balls bounce along it, making accuracy towards the green a vital skill.

4/10 Quail Hollow Club

The Quail Hollow Club golf course was designed by George Cobb in 1961 to give Charlotte, North Carolina one of the finest courses in existence. Quail Hollow delivers a mix of quick holes and surprisingly frustrating fairways.

Many of its holes are straight and narrow, requiring accurate shots to stay on the path to the green. Chipping the golf ball slightly will send it right into the thick grass of the rough. You’ll find it almost impossible to get any distance on your shot from there. This is the course that separates casual golfers from the elite.

3/10 TPC Twin Cities

Designed by none other than Arnold Palmer, TPC Twin Cities is a champion’s golf course. The Blaine, Minnesota destination has 27 natural bodies of water throughout a course that was shaped around the landscape rather than taking it over.

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The best golfers know how to hook a shot that keeps them from the hazards. Novices might find it extremely intimidating, however. Thankfully, there are tee boxes for all skill levels here. Regardless, it is one of the most breathtaking courses in PGA Tour 2K23.

2/10 TPC Sawgrass

TPC Sawgrass is an iconic PGA Tour course. Located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, it opened in 1980 as the first TPC-labelled course. The PGA Tour headquarters is located here, and it hosts signature events all year round.

PGA Tour 2K23 has done a splendid job of recreating the course’s 17th hole, known as the Island Green. The green is surrounded by water, with a short 137-yard shot to it from the tee. It’s the only place to land the ball, so weather conditions and club selection are hugely important to avoid the water.

1/10 TPC Scottsdale

TPC Scottsdale is a golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is home to the Waste Management Phoenix Open and often draws 700,000 fans each year. In PGA Tour 2K23, the mass of spectators is showcased on the sides of its obstacle-filled holes.

The wildest aspect of TPC Scottsdale is its enclosed, Coliseum-like 16th hole. A lovely mountain range sits in the background of a small hole surrounded by stadium seating. Thousands of eyes will be on you as you tee off, with one of the better chances of notching a hole-in-one in all professional golf.

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