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The Untold Truth Of Meijer


However, even after these decades of unsuccessfully attempted spin-offs, Meijer hasn’t completely ceased its foray into other endeavors. In the 2010s, it broached the high-end grocery market with Fresh Thyme (via Michigan Radio), which an investigative reporter found that Meijer started “from the ground up.” However, as of 2020, Fresh Thyme was described as being “partially backed” by Meijer. At the time, Fresh Thyme had roughly 75 stores in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Fresh Thyme combines the savings and value of a traditional Meijer store, with the all-natural, organic appeal of a health food store. On the brand’s website, it calls itself a “farmer’s market grocery concept.” It also compares itself to Whole Foods, thanks to its organic, natural, and gluten-free selections. Additionally, news coverage has called Fresh Thyme a “Whole Foods-Trader Joe’s hybrid, seeded with Meijer money.” Whatever you want to call it, though, or however you want to describe it, one thing is clear: Fresh Thyme is doing a lot better than Meijer’s other spin-offs have historically.

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