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These 30 Zara Items Are Worth Obsessing Over


When it comes to Zara shopping, I’m somewhat of an expert. I love to check new arrivals and scan to see which pieces would be perfect in my wardrobe, which ones will most likely go viral on TikTok, and which ones will sell out before we know it. I have had my fair share of heartbreak when it comes to items that I have eyed for just a few days and missed out on when it finally came time to order. That’s truly the worst feeling if you ask me. But don’t fear—I have already been peeking at the new arrivals for summer, and I’m seeing so many items that I can’t wait to wear. I found great two-piece looks, fun accessories, and dresses worth swooning over. Summer is such a busy season filled with so many outfit opportunities that I’m starting to lose count, so a little Zara haul is a must for me.

As someone who would never gatekeep, I’m telling you which 30 Zara items I have in my cart right now.

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