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Ukraine war: Kyiv launches counteroffensives ‘radically changing’ situation – as MoD says Russian forces struggling with terrain | World News


A “radical change” has occurred between Ukrainian and Russian forces after Kyiv launched counteroffensives in “several operational areas”, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak has said.

It has substantially altered the “parties’ dispositions”, he tweeted, without elaborating further.

The UK Ministry of Defence, meanwhile, has said Ukraine is “adeptly exploiting” Russian forces’ “lack of manoeuvre” and inflicting heavy losses.

Moscow is also struggling to overcome “challenges” imposed by Ukraine’s terrain, it added.

High-rise buildings have again been hit in Kyiv on Wednesday, however, and Russian troops are said to be shooting from inside a hospital in Mariupol, where about 500 people are being used as human shields.

Ukraine war live updates

In its latest intelligence update, the MOD said Russian troops have remained largely on the road network and have “demonstrated a reluctance to conduct off-road manoeuvre”.

The destruction of bridges by Ukrainian forces has also played a “key role in stalling Russia’s advance”.

The ministry continued: “Russia’s continued failure to gain control of the air has drastically limited their ability to effectively use air manoeuvre, further limiting their options.

“The tactics of the Ukrainian armed forces have adeptly exploited Russia’s lack of manoeuvre, frustrating the Russian advance and inflicting heavy losses on the invading forces.”

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The situation on Day 21 of the invasion
The situation on Day 21 of the invasion

A plume of smoke was seen rising into the sky after an artillery shell rammed into an apartment block in the centre of Kyiv on Wednesday morning, obliterating the top floor and starting a fire.

Two people were hurt, according to early reports.

In addition, social media footage shows two high-rise buildings in the capital’s Schevchenkivskyi district being shelled on Tuesday morning.

Loud booms are heard and smoke rises into the air as the airstrikes hit. Sky News has verified the video and located it.

Russian forces are shooting from artillery positions in the grounds of a hospital in Mariupol which they captured on Tuesday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk said.

She added that 400 civilians, patients and medical staff are being held hostage.

Regional leader Pavlo Kyrylenko put the figure at 500, however, saying that troops had forced about 400 people from nearby homes into the Regional Intensive Care Hospital and about 100 patients and staff were not being allowed to leave.

Ms Vereshchuk said it was an “open question” whether a humanitarian corridor would be opened in the port city on Wednesday.

Ukraine’s prosecutor general has said that 103 children have now been killed since the invasion began.

Russian forces have struck more than 400 educational establishments and 59 of them have been destroyed, Iryna Venediktova said on Facebook.

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