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Welch kicks off Illinois REALTORS®’ 2022 Capitol Conference with breakfast address


Minutes before being whisked away from the 2022 Capitol Conference to the Illinois General Assembly, House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch met with Illinois REALTOR® members and committed to work with us to create more affordable housing throughout the state.

“REALTORS® know how to do advocacy right,” Welch told the group of REALTORS® gathered for the event.

Welch said he had heard about the association’s recent Let’s Talk Real Estate events throughout Illinois.

“I really enjoy these opportunities to get to sit down with experts in their respective fields,” he said.

Even though the Illinois State Capitol is still closed to visits by large trade groups, a select number of members were able to meet with their representatives and senators to learn more about the issues our industry faces this year. And every member who attended the conference was able to participate in our traditional group photo outside the historic building.

Clearly, the lingering health and safety concerns about COVID-19, the shifting of primary elections to June and the subsequent changes to the General Assembly’s schedule and the Capitol Conference’s schedule have made it more challenging for everyone concerned. Time is a precious commodity, especially with about 10 days left until the spring session is scheduled to adjourn. As Speaker Welch spoke with members, anxious staff members kept checking their phones, seeking to keep him on schedule for the day’s events at the Capitol.

Even as the session’s end draws nearer, our state legislative team continues to stay on top of the legislative issues that could have the greatest effect on you and your clients. They will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain how you can complement the work they’re doing to protect private property rights in Illinois.


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