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JP Morgan Chase & Co. The history of largest bank in the US


JP Morgan Chase & Co. The history of the creation and development of the largest bank in the United States.

JP Morgan Chase is one of the oldest, largest and best known financial institutions in the world.

The bank was formed as a result of the merger of a total of about a thousand financial institutions. Its predecessor, The Bank of Manhattan Company, was founded by Aaron Burr in 1799 and was the second oldest bank in the United States after The Bank of New York….

In this video we’ll take a look at:
► How did the history of the bank begin?
► Bank’s first forerunner
► Why was the clearing house created?
► The role of the bank during the civil war
► History of Pierpont Morgan
► Large investment projects
► JP Morgan & Co headquarters
► Banking during the Great Depression
► Why was Euroclear created?
► History of major mergers of predecessor banks
► What happened to the bank during the financial crisis of 2008?

Time codes:
00:00 Introduction
00:18 Manhattan Company
01:44 Erie Canal
02:40 Guaranty Trust Company of New York
03:00 New York Clearing House
03:42 Abraham Lincoln
04:35 Financial Panic of 1857
05:15 Legal Tender Act of 1862
06:45 J. Pierpont Morgan
08:15 The Morganization
10:47 Economic crisis
12:04 Headquarters of JP Morgan & Co
15:08 ADR
15:40 Stock market crash
17:20 World War 2
19:33 David Rockefeller
21:27 Euroclear
25:47 Mortgage crisis
26:55 IPO GM
27:45 Activities of JP Morgan Chase

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