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"Electronic Music: Experimental Studios In Prague, Bratislava, Munich, Illinois, Warsaw" [CP-039]


Welcome back everyone! Hope you enjoyed those few weeks off from the natural Creel Pone “Cycle.” We continue, as promised by Mr. P.C. C.P., “Unabated throughout the end of the summer.”

First up, “Electronic Music – Experimental Studios in Prague, Bratislava, Munich, University of Illinois, Warsaw, Paris” – this is just a great compilation, assembled by one Vladimir Lébl and released on the Czech Supraphon label in 1968 – on glorious, crackly Eastern-European wafer-thin vinyl no less – featuring a bunch of scattered early pieces by scattered international composers that were executed at scattered studios all over God’s green earth. The tying bond? Anyone”s guess, other than that most of these are the sole “Released” pieces by a few otherwise unknown / unreleased Eastern-European composers of which you should most certainly take note – the exception being Pierre Henry”s “Voile d’Orphée,” but then again the version here is completely different than the others I’ve heard; it appears to be an early rough early edit.

The disc starts out with a great 7 minute rundown of various Tone-combinations by Mr. Lébl, then gives way to the epic Komorous & Zeljenka pieces. Then, two pieces by our beloved Mr. Riedl – neither of which are on the Wergo LP / Creel Pone – then perhaps Lejaren Hiller”s most awe-inspring piece – also strangely unavailable on disc otherwise – a piece by Jozef Malovec, one of Penderecki’s only tape pieces – the others can be found on the recently reissued score to “The Saragossa Manuscript” – and finally the Pierre Henry edit/out-take.

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